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Lusitania: Murder on the Atlantic

Released: May 12, 2007
Drama, Documentary, War, History

The Greatest Game Ever Played

Released: September 30, 2005
Drama, History, Sport

Huo Yuan Jia AKA FearLess

Released: January 26, 2006
Action, History, Sport, Biography

The Long Riders

Released: May 16, 1980
Western, History, Crime, Biography

Marie Antoinette

Released: May 24, 2006
Drama, History, Biography


Released: September 15, 1999
Documentary, History

World Trade Center

Released: August 09, 2006
Drama, History

I Shot Jesse James

Released: February 26, 1949
Drama, Romance, Western, History

My War, My Story

Released: May 12, 2007
Documentary, War, History

Tower of London

Released: October 24, 1962
Drama, Horror, History

3 Ring Circus

Released: December 22, 1954
Drama, Comedy, History, Sport

The Devils

Released: July 16, 1971
Drama, Horror, History


Released: July 17, 2005
Drama, War, History

The House of Rothschild

Released: March 14, 1934
Drama, War, History, Biography

La nuit de Varennes

Released: May 15, 1982
Drama, Comedy, History

La conjura de El Escorial

Released: September 05, 2008
Drama, History

Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup

Released: September 09, 2009
Documentary, War, History


Released: June 15, 1995
Drama, Animation, Romance, Musical, Family, History

Apollo 13

Released: June 22, 1995
Drama, Adventure, History

A Mighty Heart

Released: May 21, 2007
Drama, Thriller, History, Biography

Amazing Grace

Released: September 16, 2006
Drama, Romance, History, Biography

Battaglia di Algeri, La

Released: September 08, 1966
Drama, War, History

Johnny Appleseed, Johnny Appleseed

Released: August 10, 2008
History, Short

The Yanks Are Coming

Released: November 09, 1942

The Brother from Another Planet

Released: September 07, 1984
Drama, Comedy, Documentary, Romance, Sci-Fi, War, History, Short

The Mirror (Zerkalo)

Released: January 18, 1978
Biography, Drama, History, Russian

The Killing Fields

Released: November 02, 1984
Drama, War, History


Released: October 17, 2008
Drama, Romance, War, History

Letters from Iwo Jima

Released: January 12, 2007
Drama, War, History

The Last Confession of Alexander Pearce

Released: December 29, 2008
Drama, Horror, Western, History, Biography